Strawberry Sales

The Baytown Blue Santa Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fundraiser

There will be NO pre-sales. First come, First Served

We will be selling a beautifully decorated pack of (6) chocolate covered strawberries for $10 each.

Each Compartmentalized Clear Clam shell container will contain  6 chocolate covered strawberries with a few red and white sprinkles for garnish.

The package will contain a note card for writing your own sentiment and 2 foil wrapped chocolate hearts.

Containers will be sold on Wednesday, February 14th from 11am- 6pm or till they are sold out. Whichever comes first.  We have sold out each year, so come early.

We will be located in front of the Baytown Police Department at 3200 North Main street. 

 Credit and Debit cards will be accepted.